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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect in my FREE CKO Kickboxing Trial Class?

Our Trial Class is available for first time guests only. If you would like to take advantage of this one time offer, you may sign up directly through the schedule. Plan on arriving 15-20 minutes before your scheduled class time. Once registered, you will be provided with an orientation of the punches and kicks you will be using throughout the class. Our classes are geared so you can "go at your own pace" so there is no need to be intimidated. You'll love the CKO experience!

How long does a CKO Kickboxing class last?

Each class is 1-hour in length and offers a total body workout. You will sweat, de-stress and enjoy exercising more than ever.

What equipment do I need?

Since you will be punching a heavy bag, you will need to protect your hands with boxing/MMA gloves. Feel free to bring your own or we have a variety of gloves available for purchase at the gym. Wear loose fitting, comfortable gym clothes. We guarantee you're going to sweat. Therefore, shorts will probably be a good option. You will not be permitted to participate in a class unless you are wearing sneakers/tennis shoes. Please bring a towel and you will definitely need water or some type of sports drink. These are also available for purchase at the gym.

Do I have to wait for a specific start date?

Once you become a member, you can begin taking classes immediately.

Do I have to have previous kickboxing experience?

The majority of our members have never taken a kickboxing class prior to coming to CKO. However, they get addicted to the workout quickly.

Are there advanced classes and beginner classes?

Since everyone has their own heavy bag to workout on and goes at their own pace, our classes are geared for all fitness levels. Our certified instructors are trained to motivate and push each member to their desired results.

Are there age restrictions?

If a young adult under the age of 18 is interested, a parent/guardian must sign for him or her to take a class. Please inquire within to see if we are currently offering programs for children.

Are the classes coed?

We have both male and female members and the classes are mixed.

Am I restricted to a certain number of classes per week?

Your membership entitles you to unlimited classes. You can workout every day if you like.

What are the membership rates?

We have many different programs available. Once you have completed your trial class, one of our representatives will go over different pricing options.

If I sign up at one location, can I use all locations?

All of our locations are individually owned and operated. Members may take a class in another location for an additional fee. Depending on the market, fees range from $5 - $20 per class.

How often does a new 10 Week Program begin?

We offer our 10 Week Challenge Program at different times of the year. Once signed up as a prospect in our system, you will be notified whenever the program is offered.

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